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ISSRE has several categories of Peer Reviews Papers.  In all there are over 100 papers presented. Each of them Peer Reviewed by an international program committee of experts in the field.  All these have new content that has never been published before.


We are a peer-reviewed Conference. Anyone can submit papers into categories of their choice. There a number of workshops run in parternship with this conference.  All papers are peer reviewed by technical committees. ISSRE draws from a vast group of professionals who represent some of the finest talent across the globe. We strive to define the future of the software engineering practice in methods that drive automation, leverage AI and make our systems secure, robust, and efficient to develop.



Unlike the conferences which are either centered academically or industrially, we are a rich combination of both! In recent years, our data tells us that we are almost evenly split. This is a huge accomplishment for any conference. And, this was no accident. The core leadership of the conference has targeted this goal and created programs that allow the top tier of research and industry to interact on issues of current importance. That we have actually approached this target over the past five to eight years is of immense satisfaction to us. Our gratitude is to you, the participant, for helping us create this unique community.

Research papers are extensively reviewed by a large program committee and the selected papers are coveted. An Industrial committee separately reviews papers for the Industry track looking for relevance and applicability. In the previous conferences we have had topics ranging from reliability and testing to performance, formal methods and even avionics. ISSRE has some of the best Industry case studies reported. We are also recreating the ISSRE Industry Workgroup - please contact us if you are interested in participation.

ISSRE Workshops have picked up considerable momentum with some becoming regulars and meeting year after year at ISSRE (e.g., Embedded Systems Reliability, and Software Rejuvenation). We hope to build these communities and seed new ones that are vital to current interests in Research and Industry.

ISSRE gives credits to new idea by inviting fast abstract and doctoral symposium submissions together with offering tutorials to participants on topics relevant to the practice of software reliability engineering. Following the ISSRE tradition, we invite submissions on any aspect of Software Reliability Engineering and encourage you to be a part of the success of ISSRE 2016.